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Fall Family Fun Day

A great time bringing lots of Fighting HARD families together to raise awareness and enjoy the outdoors, paint pumpkins, dance, and laugh – helping us all to know we are not alone!

Last year's event was held on October 11th, right after a long hospital stay for Jonna.  It was a great time to celebrate life and enjoy the fresh air.  We had lots of support from our friends and Fighting HARD families, and even had food and services donated by our dear friend and famed chef Michael d'Ennery.  DJ services were provided by Simply Professional DJs as MC Markus graciously donated his time and energy to help make the day fabulous.

We had lots of rare disease informational posters, a beautiful T-shirt tree showcasing some of our rare kids and even had a special guest singer, Madison Scardaville stop by to perform an incredible song that brought everyone to tears! 

We couldn't have asked for a better day and can't wait until our next Family Fun Day.  Looking forward to having an even bigger event this year!    

Click here to view the gallery of this very special event.